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You want to join us… 

because we are cultivating a work environment that is fun and engaging. Our team likes to dance, celebrates birthdays, runs 5Ks and genuinely enjoys each other’s company. We are passionate about fitness, coffee, pets, and family. Psychological safety is a priority for everyone. Every member of our team is committed to the growth and well-being of the practice and the practice is committed to the growth and well-being of every member of our team. We value personal boundaries and respect the unique characteristics of the individual.


We all believe…

that education is the key to improving the lives of our patients and clients and that we must educate ourselves in not only the best evidence-based medicine, but also the alternatives that allow us to meet the needs of pet parents. It is our obligation and our honor to share the knowledge we have and collaborate as a pet care team to serve the animal community in the best way we can. As a team of individuals with different strengths, we are more than any one of us can be on our own. We will encourage you to find your passion and dive in deep.


Our doctors…

love a challenge and have a breadth of experience in all things GP and are ready to jump on a tough emergency or urgent care case. Together, they have a huge background of experience in both general practice and emergency medicine and are always looking to improve their skills and knowledge. We are available for whatever level of mentorship you need, whether you are a new grad or experienced doctor.


Our technical team…

will take care of you but not embarrass you. Be prepared to teach them what you know and learn something from them. They do everything possible to make sure that your time is spent using your big doctor brain. We believe in helping our team members reach their potential and thrive on seeing them surprise themselves. They celebrate each other’s wins as if they were their own. They are confident, competent, cheerful individuals who take pride in their work.


Our patient care and customer service…

are unbeatable. You will have the opportunity to use the medical and surgical skills you have and gain additional skills with the support that you need. Referral options are available, though many of our pet parents prefer treatment with us.


Our hospital…

has all the technology and tools you need, including IDEXX in-house Chemistry, Hematology and Sedi-View UA, digital whole body and dental radiography, ultrasound with multiple probes, complete anesthesia monitoring systems including capnography, digital tonometry and more.


Our town…

is a short distance from Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. Live near the college for easy access to shopping, amazing restaurants, and social activity or on a lake for a peaceful, relaxing view. There are many outdoor activities such as hiking and biking trails and equestrian facilities (many of us love horses). Dundee is a caring, close-knit local community you will fall in love with. Cost of living is favorable.


Our ideal candidate…

has a teacher’s heart and celebrates the successes of others. You are forward focused, set goals and follow through with plans. You compete daily to improve, recognize and forgive your own mistakes as well as those of others. You love learning and teaching, building relationships, teamwork and personal and professional growth. You are resilient, gritty, adaptable and fun. You are your genuine, whole self and we can’t wait to get to know you.



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call our clinic immediately at:



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call MedVet Toledo at

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