Equine Dentistry

Our goal is to help preserve the bond you share with your horse. A healthy mouth is critical for successful performance as well as the starting point for healthy digestion. Dental disease can lead to shortened lifespan and a diminished quality of life that too often goes unrecognized or misinterpreted. Through regular, thorough oral examination, preventative care and treatment of disease, you can be confident that your horse is eating and performing to their best ability.

Dr. Karkheck provides complete oral examination and routine dental services in Monroe County and neighboring areas. Call to schedule a farm visit for your equine athlete or barn buddy today.

Your horse needs an oral exam if he/she:

  • Has never had one (or it’s been a long time)
  • Had regular floating without a comprehensive visual exam (was not sedated)
  • Has pain or swelling of the jaw
  • Nasal discharge or odor
  • Changes in performance or behavior
  • Changes in eating such as dropping feed or hay (“quidding”)
  • Poor body condition or weight loss

Abnormal conditions identified at examination can often be corrected or improved upon at the same time and an appropriate treatment or diagnostic plan will be determined.