Dog Services

Our best friends deserve kind, compassionate care. At Dundee Veterinary Clinic, we treat every dog as if it was our own. We are focused on providing a stress free environment for a positive patient experience with every visit.


Skin problems can be short lived or ongoing. We will work with you to find the best solution to diagnose and treat your dog’s skin condition while minimizing medication side effects.


Imaging is an important tool that allows us to evaluate, diagnose and properly treat illness.

Medical Conditions

We are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions including diabetes, Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, Hypothyroidism, Allergic skin disease (Atopic dermatitis), acute and chronic diarrhea, liver disease, kidney disease and respiratory disease.

Dental Health

We are experienced and knowledgeable about dog dental conditions, including gum disease, tooth discoloration and bad breath.


We know that all dogs are unique. Behavior can be adjusted with our guidance and your commitment. We can help guide you down the appropriate path to resolve any concerns you may have.


We offer acupuncture as a safe alternative treatment for chronic weakness and arthritis


When necessary, our hospital is equipped and ready to perform surgery for many situations. We are here to walk you through all aspects of surgery, including our pre-surgical plan, the necessary procedure, pain management, and recovery.

Flea & Tick

We offer a variety of safe and effective preventative and treatment products to fit your dog’s lifestyle and protect him from parasites and the diseases they can transmit.


We offer referral services for specialty diagnostics and treatments including cardiology, CT and MRI, neurology, internal medicine, complicated behavior problems and orthopedic surgery


We provide vaccination protocols tailored to your dog’s lifestyle, health, age and condition.


We strive to maintain a pharmacy that is stocked with the medications you need when you need them. We focus our product selection on ease of administration to make sure your dog receives the necessary treatment when needed.

Heartworm Prevention

We are focused on providing education about heartworm disease and prevention with medicine. We also offer heartworm treatment.

Laboratory Testing

We offer in house and outside laboratory testing services to best suit the immediate and long term needs of our patients.


We have the knowledge, experience, medicine and equipment to provide the safest and most comfortable anesthetic experience possible.



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call our clinic immediately at:



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call MedVet Toledo at

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