Cat Services

As cat lovers, we know that your feline friend has unique needs. We are committed to providing specialized care for cats and are actively working to make sure your cat’s clinic visit is comfortable.


Like humans, cats can benefit from multiple treatment modalities. Ask us if acupuncture is right for your feline friend.

Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a scary word. We can help make the disease and treatment understandable and manageable.

Diagnostic Imaging

We are skilled in imaging your pets. This is at times essential for diagnosis and monitoring therapy.

Kitten Care

Our focus on education and the human animal bond will help you get your kitten off to the right start


We will address the specialized nutritional requirements for you cat in different life stages and to aid in the management of certain illness


When necessary, our hospital is equipped and ready to perform surgery for many situations. We are here to walk you through all aspects of surgery, including our pre-surgical plan, the necessary procedure, pain management, and recovery.

Allergy treatment

Cats are susceptible to allergies, which can show up in a variety of ways. We can diagnose and treat allergies to make sure your cats are living their best life.

Dental Care

Our experience and knowledge of dental conditions and treatment techniques will address all of your oral health concerns.

Emergency Care

We have experience in emergency and critical care medicine and can help guide you through your experience with sudden or severe illness. We refer patients after hours to a local 24 hour care facility.


With both in-house and off site laboratory services, we will discuss what is best for you and your cat. We offer routine and sick pet diagnostics.

Pain Management

We focus on reducing and minimizing pain by providing pain control on multiple levels


Individualized vaccination protocols are recommended for each cat based on his or her lifestyle


We have the knowledge, experience, medicine and equipment to keep your cat safe during anesthesia


Skin problems can be short lived or ongoing. We will work with you to find the best solution to diagnose and treat your cat’s skin condition while minimizing medication side effects.

Eye Care

We are trained to identify and treat eye diseases that are unique to cats.


When your cat requires medication our doctors will provide the right prescription

Wellness Exams

Annual to semi-annual wellness exams are a pillar of medical care for cats. They allow health problems to be identified and treated early, prolonging lifespan and comfort.


We offer referral services for specialty diagnostics and treatments including cardiology, CT and MRI, neurology, internal medicine, complicated behavior problems and orthopedic surgery

Behavior Services

Cats can learn new behavior at any age. We can help you identify medical problems and work together to help you solve your cat’s behavioral issues..


Intestinal parasites are dangerous to people and pets. We can diagnose and treat them to protect your human and fur family.

Flea & Tick

We offer safe and effective flea and tick preventative and treatment

Microchip ID

Microchipping is the best way to aid in having your cat returned safely should it become lost

Spay or Neuter

We provide a controlled, safe surgical experience for your cat



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call our clinic immediately at:



If your pet is experiencing an emergency and needs urgent care, please call MedVet Toledo at

2921 Douglas Rd, Toledo, OH 43606