For the safety of our pets vaccinations are an important part of preventative medicine. For each pet there are what's considered "core" vaccines. These are those that every pet should receive to be protected from common diseases. Core vaccines for our canine friends include a Rabies vaccine as well as what's called a DA2P 4L. So what do all those letters and numbers mean? 

Distemper is actually only one of the diseases in the vaccine combo. Here is a breakdown of what is in the vaccine and what diseases they protect against.

D- Distemper      

A2- Adenovirus 2 protects against Hepatitis and Parainfluenza      

P- Parvovirus     

4L- Four different species of Leptospira that can cause Leptospirosis

For our feline friends they also need a "core" vaccine most people refer to as "distemper" as well a Rabies vaccine. That vaccine makes up the acronym FVRCP. Like in canines there are a multiple of diseases that this one vaccine protects against, please continue reading to learn more. 

FVR- Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis              C- Calicivirus            P- Panluekopenia

There are many other vaccines available that are considered "non-core". This means that depending on your pet's exposure risk they may/may not need these additional vaccines. For example if your dog is going to be at a groomer, boarding kennel, daycare or just around a lot of other dogs a Bordetella vaccine should be administered. This vaccine protects against the organism Bordetella bronchiseptica which is one of the causes of kennel cough. Lyme is another non-core vaccine for dogs. Monthly tick preventative is necessary for every dog but in those that the tick population is so prevalent, a Lyme vaccine may be indicated. For our feline friends that like to roam outside, a Leukemia vaccine may be needed. This disease suppresses the immune system and can be transmitted through excretions. For any further questions please contact us.