Dental care for your pet is a very important part of their health. Unlike us our pets are unable to brush their teeth twice daily to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. Certain things help with reducing the amount of tartar such as eating strictly a dry food diet, chewing on bones/treats, and having owners brush teeth with a specific pet-friendly toothpaste. Although all of these things help reduce the buildup of tartar they will not prevent it. Dental cleanings are important to maintain not only a healthy mouth but the entire body. Excessive plaque buildup can lead to gingivitis, gum erosion, bone loss, abscessed teeth and periodontal disease. Further problems like infections can arise throughout the entire body affecting the kidneys, liver and even the heart. Below and to the right are descriptions and pictures that show how important dental care is to the well-being of your pet.  

A. These teeth have been cleaned and polished

B. These teeth have mild to moderate plaque buildup, this is the ideal time to have them cleaned

C. The excessive amount of tartar on these teeth will make them difficult to clean.

D. These teeth have so much tartar buildup that the gums are inflamed and you can barley even see the tooth under all the tartar. When teeth get to this point often extractions are neccessary