Dundee Veterinary Clinic has provided excellent pet care for over 40 years!


About Us

We are a country-style small animal veterinary clinic providing outstanding care to dogs and cats by appointment only. We are located at 601 Riley St. Dundee, MI 48131. Contact us by phone 734-529-2429 or fax 734-529-7373.


General exams, vaccinations, microchip ID, heartworm checks and parasite exams.

Heartworm preventative and flea and tick control.

Routine preventative health exams, blood work, and radiology.

Surgeries: Spays, neuters, dental cleanings and minor routine orthopedic procedures. 

Diagnostic services, on-site radiology andon-site blood diagnostics

Geriatric care and arthritis pain management

Prescription diets and in-house pharmacy services


Leslie Karkheck, D.V.M.  Graduated Doctor of Veterinary Medicine MSU 2008

Christy Wilkinson, LVT  Graduated Veterinary Technician Stautzenberger College 2013

Mary Fultz, Graduated Summerfield High School 2009